The third time’s the charm for the kings of Cousin•Power as Micah and Eli take on the great and powerful Netflix—from the return of Arrested Development to the end of rewind fees once and for all! Come along for a wild ride while they meander the media behemoth’s rise, with stops along the way such as:

  • Why Being the First Of Your Friends to Send a NSFW Magic-Eye-Pic Craiglist Link Is Crucial
  • How Not Being a Crybaby in Youth Group Turns You into a Villain (Unless You’re the Exchange Student)
  • The Slingshot… Because It Never, Ever Gets Old
  • Garbage Pail Cousins: The Ones You Love to Avoid Like the Plague—in Real Life AND Social Media
  • The Downside of Streaming: Tales of DVD Collecting and the Death of the Video Store
  • Plus, hear about the Wolfman of Round Table Pizza, the great Sun-In Blunder of ’97 and more!


The Kazoo Kid

Getting His Remix On

One of the Best DVD’s of All-Time

Ron Burgundy Has a Book?

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 11.25.35 AM

Intro music credit: Eerkoysh key by Gnagno (c) 2013 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license.



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