Four score and several episodes ago! On the fourth episode of Cousin•Power, hosts Micah Harvey and Elijah Bates explore the ups and downs of Facebook… though, let’s be honest: they’re mostly downs when you’ve got a family of followers who doesn’t understand social etiquette. Come along for a tale you probably live on the daily, maybe even more so than us—along with such fun topics as:

  • What If You’ve Been Mentally Challenged All These Years And Everyone’s Been Truman Show-ing You into Thinking You’re Not?
  • Running from the Bums of West LA Before Being Walter Donavan-ed Beneath the Santa Monica Pier—Indy 3-Style
  • The Benefits of Having Friends Who Aren’t #PoorAF (And They Are Money… Er, Many)
  • Carnies and Carnival Cruises: Like Two Peas in a Pod, Floating Over the Ocean Like a Wal-Mart on the Water
  • The Greatest “Please, Please, Please Go Out with Me!” Plea to Never Ever Be Followed Up On
  • In Addition, Be on the Lookout for Legendary Breakups, When (and When Not) to FaceTime, the Similarity Between Forwarded Emails and Wonka’s Contract… And Much, Much More!

Flash Back to Another Time with Doc Brown

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Intro Music Credit: Eerkoysh key by Gnagno (c) 2013 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license.



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