Let’s talk about six, baby! The Salt-N-Pepa of podcasts—who also happen to be men—return in the latest, greatest episode. This time around, Micah and Eli tackle one of their favorite ways to waste time: online video (the non-porn kind).

Follow a brief history of the medium beginning with America’s Funniest Home Videos before devolving into roundhouse tutorials, Turtleman (who Eli purports to love, but can’t even name right), Gangnam Style, Botchamania and beyond—in addition to:

  • Another horrifyingly funny story of the torturer, this one involving Ric Flair’s figure-four leglock, lots of tears and a RUINED a 12th birthday party
  • Why you should never, ever share your Instagram posts or your Tweets on Facebook (unless they’re really, really cool)
  • Grow Up Already: An Essay on Why You Need to Stop Making a Big Deal About Your Birthday (clearly, there’s been a lot of birthdays lately)
  • Plus, memories of eBaum’s World and College Humor, further fun with Nurse Ben, classic mom griping and so much more!



elijah on last episode of Bob Barker's Price is Right

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