When it comes to games, you’re probably kind of like Jon Snow: you know nothing. Lucky for everyone else, Cousin•Power’s got you covered! Come along for more fun than 10 red weddings as hosts Micah Harvey & Elijah Bates profess their love for games of the non-video variety, from childhood TV shows like Legends of the Hidden Temple to dicey college classics like Mexcali. And, of course, Monopoly Deal, a.k.a. Monop Deal, a.k.a. the greatest game… ever. All this goodness and a whole lot more—including:

  • How Ol’ Batesy nearly got catfished (BUT NOT ALL THE WAY!) by a weird dude clearly pretending to be a girl on Facebook
  • Why you should never steal food from a hotel Starbucks grab-n-go counter at the tail end of a blurry Wrestlemania weekend
  • Get Off My Segway: A tale of Micah getting tipsy at an Oakland A’s game before being manhandled by a Segway rider
  • Jenga’s not just a great game; it’s also a semi-natural aphrodisiac and a great plan for first (and sometimes last) dates!
  • Defining Froyo: an argument of layers at self-serve yogurt shops, and who of the hosts deserves credit for inventing said layers
  • Plus, hear the whole story of how Elijah became the final contest to “Come on Down!” on Bob Barker’s last ever episode of The Price Is Right!


Intro Music Credit: Eerkoysh key by Gnagno (c) 2013 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license. http://dig.ccmixter.org/files/Gnagno/44380



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